jaeson ma

Jaeson Ma

“I basically speak and preach over music so it’s kind of like spoken word but sort of more on the preaching end. It’s more than just music; it’s a message.”- Jaeson Ma


When we talked about 88rising, the biggest Asian media platform. When we hear Rich Brian, Joji, and more it comes to my mind, who’s the people behind these guys. I know Sean Miyashiro, but Jaeson Ma is more not being publicised to the media. But I’m so interested with Jaeson himself. Hence I did a researched of him. Jaeson himself spoke in IDEAFEST in 2018 in Indonesia, sadly I wasn’t in Indonesia at that time.

But, more than just being successful in bridging the Asian communities with the Western world, I appreciate that he is very vocal on talking how God used him in the Entertainment industry. Many of us might failed 1000 times, and it’s ok, but 2 years after I switched my major, I know that I want to talk with the world through media. 88rising is one of the reasons that I would like to pursue this career. Media like VICE, Noisey, Complex, are always amazed me. Just because I didn’t get a chance to go to Complex this year, I’m not going to stop. The editor told me to keep on what I’m doing now, and my parents’ support to get me to journalism next year is what excites me the most.

Going back to Jaeson. Jaeson himself is a musical artist, he made some music, and the topics that he picked are actually relatable to kids like me. In a way, Jaeson sort of telling me that you can find a way to preach someone else. It’s interesting that he viewed the world in a different way, I wish I could meet, or know him earlier in my life.

“I mean I can’t get a kid from the hood to sing a Chris Tomlin song. I need to just let him find Jesus and develop his own worship songs for God. That’s the same if I’m with a Zulu tribe in Africa or in a little town in Uzbekistan.”[/quote] – Jaeson Ma from Coverge Magazine

What I learned is that, success does not come overnight. Yes, there are obstacles that we have to walk through, and I experienced it at the moment. But I think in a way there is a point, that without God opening up for your ways, you can’t really find your platform. When I’m changing my major from Interior to IB, where I am now, I thought my life to pursue a media career or being an artist is over. But it’s not, it actually gives me time to grow. With understanding some basic business perspective, it rules, cultural studies, I’m so lucky, although there are core courses that I’m not into it.

“Jaeson, you know Hollywood is always gonna be there, but if you go in with the spiritual state that you’re in right now, it will eat you up and you won’t come out alive. If I were you, I would just go to Bible college and lay a strong spiritual foundation to do God’s works, work through character, serve God’s people, and serve the poor, and if God sends you back into media and entertainment, hopefully you’ll be ready at that time.”- on MEDIUM

But I actually found myself, and find my faith through a media platform, and every time I’m down, there’s always something popping out on my suggestions. So I asked one more time if this is the way, I would like to pursue a media career. I think Jaeson Ma uses his platform for a positive community, and I really appreciate that.


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