Guys, I also want to add Pamungkas, he is one of the Indonesian artists that’s making it at the moment in Indonesia. According to MLD, he was described as a mixture of Jamie Cullum, and Orange Country a mixture of pop and pop. However, I don’t think that his music is exactly a folk or pop. If you check out musician like AKMU, they didn’t sound traditional folk-pop music.

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I think if you are a fan of HONNE, or PREP you must definitely give him a try. I think if you listen to Pamungkas, you will have similar feelings, of being chill out and have fun, but without feeling like awkwardly ancient, because no one really listening to folk music anymore. There’s an element of dubstep, like on the music called Sorry. Overall I think he is such a talented artist, there’s the element of soft rock on it, a bit of synth-pop. At the moment synth-pop is one of the most popular genres because sometimes they could mix up with R&B songs, that are so famous at the moment.

Anyways for Indonesian Millennials, he is perfect for the road trip with your family. Because you can’t really have your own headphones during road trip right? Because it’s time for your communication with your family. I personally will listen to him, his music is really good, and being away from Indonesia it’s very hard. Hence, I definitely try to connect with my “home” through music.

I mean there are a lot of Indonesian artists that are going on the rise with their own path, last time I reviewed a few of R&B artists. Next, I will make a review of VVYND (only for him) Don’t forget to leave us a comment, or comments!

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