+how powerful is our sayings+

+how powerful is our sayings+


Many of us might be hearing the news all around the world. We can see a lot of bad things are actually happening everywhere. Yet, I think our sayings through social media is one of the biggest problems here in our society. Lacking information and saying it through the media is a huge no-no, without understanding the key issues, and if you are not a neutral person, better not to say anything. Stereotyping is another problem because is not what we always heard, or see are always the same thing.

We may never know the impact on what we say to other people, and trust me I am also part of the actor, and the victim. I have a mindset that everyone should be nice, but turns out sometimes not all things in life are predictable. This eventually puts me into a conflict (not a good situation).

How many of us were triggered over a word or a saying? many of us might hear the comparison of us, to another person. Directly or indirectly we might have been triggered. For example, when someone posted a GPA score of their kids to your parents. Have you ever thought about the effect of the kids who are not academically excelled? From those events, it will build up questions like why can’t you be just like her/him? 

Or maybe because we often have a certain image, we labelled people for being weird, strange because being an outcast is the last thing they want to be (I have been there). Because the sayings that we were saying to the people or the questions are impactful for their longer thoughts. Because to me, the hardest thing is to deal with my self, although my mum, and dad said it’s okay being different but it’s like 2 vs 1000 people.

I would like to thank my brother who called his friends one by one to go to Eminem show with me when no one else wants to go. My parents supported me to be a journalist, and they understand that I’m not enjoying things that I do now, the thing is I fall in the same hole because I always think about “what people will think about me?” I am in my 21, and I’m still insecure over what people are going to talk about me. And can you imagine if a younger kid was influenced by that? check out my letter here.

What I learned from the movie The Greatest Showman is really about acceptance, courage, and being grateful. Firstly I never see myself, just to let everyone know, in 2015 I went to Australia to pursue arts, it went well, in 2016 I went to Interior Design, but it didn’t do justice to what I want to be as an artist. I switched to International Business in 2017, I found it a bit hard to settle down, but I found out that my dream is to be a journalist. But, what I learned from the previous things that happened?

I realised that sometimes there are certain people that mature in a long time, I am so lucky that I have been blessed with the family that supported me all the way through, both mentally and financially. I have totally out of my best for so many times, for not accepting my self, and to be honest I don’t really know to handle a kid like me.

I think we have the power of shifting for the thinking in our culture (Indonesia), and being different it’s okay in the society. Here my findings towards Menjadi Manusia, Cut, and JubileeWhere people are able to exchange their mindsets.

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