best indonesian r&b artists

best indonesian r&b artists

best indonesian r&b artists

This post will be today’s late night post. Check out the blog indie accentthey really displayed a lot of Indonesia’s emerging artists. You might have heard them, but you might not. Also, there are some of my foundings from the internet to accompany you in the middle of the night, or for your Sunday.


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Definitely, if you are a fan or R&B hits, you need to check him out. I have to say that I’m super late to acknowledge some of the Indonesian artists. Wynd is somehow really fit in with today’s generations of music fans. He got the mixtures of Lauv, and my favourite The Weeknd. Definitely, someone that I need to keep an eye for.

Sal Priadi

According to Indie Accent, it’s a song for the hopeless romantic people. The song can be translated to its literal meaning, Don’t Fight Anymore, Ok? It’s a pure Indonesian song, but I think the music behinds it is actually more modern than I thought. I love it, the title is super relatable for those who are in your relationships at the moment.

Yovie Glenn Tulus

The 3 trios are the kings of vocals in Indonesia. To be honest I haven’t check out Indonesian music that much. However, I regretted so much. There are so many talented people in Indonesia. Adu Rayu a romantic song, the song supposed to bring you to be baper or being emotional. This song is one of my favourites, you need to check them out.

Ayub Jonn

This song is one of the bests as well, kudos to indie accent, to findings these amazing songs by Jonn, Priadi, and Wynd. I feel like Jonn mixing the songs with a few hip hop vibes. If you ever know Wale, he reminds me of him.

Overall, I have released posts about a few Indonesians songs, that you can check it through my aunt’s post here, and let us know what do you guys think! your comments are so meaningful to us.

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