monopoly; ariana+victoria 2019

ariana, victoria monopoly

monopoly; ariana+victoria

They are the definition of best friend goals! Ariana Grande dropped a song with her best friend Victoria Monét called Monopoly. Previously Victoria helped Ariana penned her song Thank, U Next, and 7 rings. I like that the fact this music video channelled Ariana’s everyday style, and even the animation of the music video is simple, yet charming.

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It’s a surprise song by Ariana Grande, who broked the most viewed YouTube music video with Thank U Next, and 7 rings. Aside from that Monopoly can be interpreted in a different meaning. First, you can have it as a fun game with your friend, but in the real world, Monopoly can be used as a business tactic. But in the Monopoly game. the richest one will be the winner, and you can collect more properties. Ariana has been criticised with everything last year, from her personal relationship to her artistry. However, Ariana actually has been successful more than ever.

I have to say I can’t wait to see Ariana’s next album, and she will performing in Coachella as well, let’s see if she will have the song on stage with her best friend. I am in love with the song, even if it’s not an album single the music video managed to be part of YouTube trending, as in Australia it’s number 6th, not bad. Keep Up ARIANA and VICTORIA!!!!

Real protective with my soul, where you been? (Where you been?)
Is your GPS even on, where you been? (Where you been?)

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