+BLACKPINK KILL THIS LOVE EP+ 2019 best one yet



So they have it here guys! 5 songs in total, I’m pretty surprised, and I have to say that the whole album is well done! it’s super well made, we can see BLACKPINK trying various different genres through this album.

I have to say that KILL THIS LOVE is actually is not my favourite, Don’t Know What To Do, KICK IT, and Hope Not is really are my favourite. I have to say that HOPE NOT, is somehow could be a Taylor Swift anthem like Tears Drops in my Guitar, about a girl having a break-up. I have to say that the whole thing is making BLACKPINK more mature than their previous release.

Let’s start with KILL THIS LOVE, as their title, and I have to say the marching in the beginning sort of giving the girls an introduction to their next stage. JISOO is really mature, she really shows another side of her, ROSÉ also showed her acting skills on the music video. I have to say it’s a good dance song, for your work out, but I just prefer DDU DU DDU DU in my concern, but they really showed LISA’s rap skills on this song.

Don’t Know What To Do, actually really highlighted the girls’ vocal, even you can listen to Lisa’s vocal on this song, it’s a good summer song. I have to say it’s one of the winners here, I’m not a huge fan of dance song, but this sort of song is really on in the US market, which they are aiming for. But for me it’s a bit similar to any other EDM music, or dance music that you can have in the radio..(sorry)

Kick It actually reminds me of Really, BLACKPINK is really understood the international fans, they added the English rap part, which I think it will boost the expectations from the international fans. As expected Teddy is really the master on mixing every genre, to it’s own genre.


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Hope Not, as I said it’s almost like a Taylor Swift anthem, like Tears Drop On My Guitar, or maybe Back to December. Hope Not is different from Stay, this time they really focusing on the girls’ vocal, no rap, no dance beats, but pure soft rock song. Overall going to give the girls 9/10 for this KILL THIS LOVE, sorry guys but it’s just my preference.

Don’t forget to comment on the section down below to let me know what is your favourite song(s) from this EP, and why! I wish it could be better, Whistle is actually my favourite, DDU DU DDU DU was okay, it was actually highlighting the members’ rapping as well.



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  1. I agree with what you said about Don’t know what to do! But overall really disappointed with this comeback. :((((


    1. I’m not sure it’s a dissapointed comeback. With all the success they achieved it’s definitely a pressure for what to do next. I think in the western music world the artist is more chill about their artistry, like it’s more raw. Example like Eminem, his album Revival wasn’t accepted well, but his Kamikaze is so well accepted by the fans.


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