The term golput is a term from the 1971-1972 protests against the elections in 1971, it was the first election in the New Order of Indonesia. I just want to say that as millennials who truly loved her country, I definitely I will vote! vote! vote!

Guys, we should learn that voting is an important role in choosing your, and my country in the world, how the perceptions of the leader could affect the trade as well guys, and it’s important because trade include the FDI (foreign direct investments), that it will actually help for the economic growth. We have learned from the news that there are things that beneficial from voting!  The Brexit for example, when Britain choose to leave the EU, who will suffer the millennial, and the next generations, this included with their sport! (Jadon Sancho ❤ )

How come? well the UK will not be getting any of the Free Trade between the EU markets which, it will make certain good will be expensive, and now they will ask to postponed the Brexit. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BREXIT You and I are the same, regardless, you are a Chinese, Javanese, Batak, Christian, Muslim, Hindhu, we all belong to Indonesia..REMEMBER BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA! Just like songs that I linked, Tanah Airku by DJ SANNY, and AllfyRev might be different but, they are still Tanah Airku song, am I right?

We are not talking about the Brexit, but where will this nation get along? Don’t you know that within 4 years, there are 423,17 Km of Tolled Ways done? AND LISTEN!! this is why we should NOT be golput or not voting! not every politician is good, but not every politician is bad! You should learn from all the news that others experienced when someone adding politics, and’s not a good thing. WHEN SOMEONE spreading hate instead of working hard…it’s not a good thing. WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE. We need to think that everyone might not as lucky as us, like the welfare of the other. We might live lavishly, cars, handbags, new phone, but not others we need to have a leader that cares about the citizens that might not as lucky as you and me.

  1. A lot of my friends won’t be going back to Indonesia for several reasons..They are applying for a permanent residency
    1. There is nothing in Indonesia
    2. Public Transports are difficult
    3. The development in Indonesia is very slow
    4. Where here is more comfortable compared to Indonesia.
    5. You are safer in here compare to Indonesia….and other stuffs!

WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE! they don’t realise that Indonesia has such potential through their natural resource, Indonesian people are smart, even they are not going abroad to study. Such a creative country, diverse culture, and I love it. How we can make a change? VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE THE RIGHT ONE, LOOK FOR THEIR WORKED THEY HAVE DONE

Listen I made my decisions through that moment and PROMISED MYSELF that I WILL BE GOING BACK TO INDONESIA (*right after my journalism degree) I WILL PROOF TO THEM THAT INDONESIA is equally as good. The thing is I was born and breed in Indonesia. I am Christian, Chinese, but Indonesia will always be part of my blood, it’s my country, Indonesia is the reason why I am able to study abroad, because my parents are able to work in Indonesia, I would like to give back to INDONESIA through my vote, and that’s my biggest power, to vote! I am not working yet, but I will definitely give back to Indonesia for what they have done to me!

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