On the previous post, I have said how hip hop music really changes in the last decade, from it’s being part of predominantly African-American people to worldwide. The other elements of hip hop music are actually not only the hip hop music itself, but it’s including MCing, doing some freestyle, some B-Boying, beatboxing and so on. Here we are, thousand miles away from Japan, and the United States, but these group of Japanese people amazed me so well, they have the swag to put it on a show on the street, freestyling some beats, and their fashion statement is really cool.

I also want to say that you need to break the stereotyping Asian, we all know that Japan is famous for their technology, their cars that’s matching with the German-made cars, or Kumon, (have you ever join Kumon? Well I have), basically Japan for me is the land of the fantasy, I really love Japan their culture is just in another level, from the classic Japanese culture, to their modern culture, definitely me and my mum have a different picture of Japan. We can’t really forget Nigo, and the Teriyaki Boyz, check out their first album, and the second album, they made it a headline to Billboard, and signed with the Interscope, this happening before social media is really huge in society, but they suddenly did not make any music anymore. They collaborated with Pharell, Kanye, and they made their hip hop scene of their own, being different.

But anyways I just love their performance, sorry for the short footage, because a lot of people are actually passing by, be sure to check them out, and their social media are linked on the music video on YouTube, don’t forget to like, comment, and share.

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