kill bill target billboard 2019


Anyways I know that some of you following the Korean Hip Hop show, and you might hear Show Me the Money, where it’s a rap competition between rappers, and the winner got the attention from the music scene in South Korea, so this show called Kill Bill, you might be mistaken for this Kill Bill ;

kill bill target billboard 2019
kill bill target billboard 2019


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But it’s not, it’s a competition between chart-topping rappers in South Korea; Jessie,  San E, Cheetah, BeWhy, YDG, Dok2, and Rhythm Power. They competing against each other, and the best one, aka the winner, will have a collaboration with DJ Khaled. Anyways it’s a bit hard for us the international fans to see the show because apparently there is no subtitle uploaded for the show, maybe because of the popularity of the show is not as big as Show Me the Money, and according to Dok2 in an interview with Dumbfoundead, it will be his last TV show (for a while), he wants to concentrate for his music, and having more private life.

Frankly speaking, I was surprised that the show did not get that much attention, despite big names joining the show, in fact, Kim Jong Kook (Running Man member) hosted the show as well, the rating wasn’t that high either. Sometimes I found out that a television show might not have subtitle due to lack of public interests, so it’s hard for the “subtitle team” to come up to add the subtitle or translation. I have to say I am so biased with BewhY, because his music is really amazing, it’s just hard not to listen to his songs.

Alright a lot of fans actually said, the collaboration might not be successful, but BewhY has worked with A$AP, Big KRIT as well, so I personally think it’s not going to be a flop, I know I should not say this, but the show wasn’t interesting as the other show, for example, YDG’s style of music is actually really unique. Somehow, the show did not able to manage to capture that, you can see here at Code Kunst’s Beside Me, and Beenzino’s January. It’s a shame because he is a veteran that so much loves from the younger generation. anyways I will update more about this show after EP 10! 🙂 



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  1. anonekonim says:

    hello may i know the continuity of the show ? who is the winner ?


    1. no on knows too sorry… 😦


  2. =デビー | 데비 says:

    Anyone have updates on this? I am still having trouble finding a link to just watch.


    1. Noo unfortunately :”(


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