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Anyways, although my main goal is to be a music journalist, I’m still at Business School, and I realised that actually some of Dean’s music video is not really of his own. We are going to look at the marketing strategy that is used but don’t worry it still interacts with the music industry. Here we got Diversity marketing being used in the advertisements that we saw, we could see in diversity marketing, that relationship and internet marketing is being used. The most interesting thing is that all of the three songs are actually being specifically made for the respective brand, which I think is very interesting. Also, some of these CF, or advertisements are actually using stealth marketing, where the consumers are not really aware of it, but it’s making the fans interested with the brand. These are the music videos that you thought is a music video, but it’s an advertisement. IN FACT, THESE SONGS ARE SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR THE PARTICULAR BRAND OR COMPANY..#SUCHASMARTMARKETING

So Dean got 2 sportswear on these advertisements, one with Kolon, and the other for PUMA. First Flower Power is focusing on this flowery scenes of the music video, but without realising it, actually, it’s filmed the attire from the brand Kolon, it’s definitely targeting the youth market that mostly on social media, where you can share it easily, and it’s building the relationships with the consumer so that they have this mindset;”if I have the same shirts like DEAN, I also going to be “swag” and fun” you can tell from the groovyness of the song Flower Power. While with PUMA, it’s also showing DEAN actually modelling the brand, and it’s actually filmed certain part like PUMA shoes, which it’s actually corporate with the song title RUN THE STREET, actually almost don’t realised that these are an advertisement because it’s so well made.

Dean also in kakaopay advertisement, showing how easy it is to pay if you have the application, and this is more obvious marketing, where you know it is an advertisement. But still using the same target, with the same idea of having fun, and very youthful, so here we know that these companies are targeting people at the age of 20, I have to admit that the marketing in South Korea is really amazing, and they really planned it well.

Not only Dean, the BIGBANG member TAEYANG also got a similar showcase with the brand LEXUS with the song SO GOOD. LEXUS is part of Toyota’s company but they are more in an exclusive section of the company, I think it is emphasized how good the car is, the comfortability of the car, definitely with TAEYANG emphasize “SO GOOD” I guess it’s pretty similar to the other advertisements above, the recent one is WINNER with Oreo, but I really hope that they have the complete version of it, but still they have an amazing campaign, considering the songs are made specifically for the brand or company so the fans have higher curiosity.

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  1. Music journalist? Nice goal. May I know where are you stay and where are you studying?


    1. I live in Melbourne at the moment 🙂


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