+common’s nobody’s smiling review+

We’re going to talk about Common today, well I know him through his movies that he starred on, but I wasn’t aware that actually, he is also a great rapper, such an amazing, this is the Nobody’s Smiling album that was released back in 2014. So after watching the movie Selma, which I wrote about it here, I just realised that he wrote something that’s so amazing. On this album, he had few collaborations with few artists like Vince Staples, Jhene Aiko, and Big Sean.

Anyways without further ado I’ll give you my top 3 of my favourite songs from this album. So, on this album, Common tried to address the black on black crime, I think in my perspective, I could say that as a young kid, when we were travelling, I was told not to be closer to any of “black” people, because my parents are afraid that they will bad things, in fact in their own community, they are also part of the victims. I have to say that any race, anyone could do similar things, in my mind, there’s no certain race or religion that can’t do crime at all. Afterall we are human, we’re still living in the world, and the world offerings just offer everything better.

This album contained some “gospel-influenced” like the track Kingdom featuring Vince Staples. It also talks about how gang activities destroying young people’s lives, in which I think as someone that living far away from the area don’t really understand. Like on the lyrics someone that going to the church also part of the victims, it’s how violence can affecting someone else, it’s more than just racial issues, but lack of education and violence is really one of the roots.

Second row of the church with my hood on
My homie used to rap, he was about to get put on
At his funeral, listening to this church song

Rewind That and Diamonds are also my favourite while Diamonds is focusing a lifestyle approach, well for this one you can relate to how the life that these people are hoping for, it can be true, it can be their imagination, what I understand that when you taking drugs you can take some elevating feelings, to forget all of the bad things, but anyways that is still happening in our communities as well. And lastly Rewind That is talking about his own journey to successful, well I guess he wants to tell the other people not to easily give up just because you need to start everything from 0.

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