+kpop wednesday’s jyp entertainment+

You might asking me, why mostly you only posted about YG Entertainment Artists, while there are other artists in the kpop industry, just in case you asking me, I did post other artists, like Chungha, Sunmi, Super Junior D&E, and I have to say because they are making the songs that I love, or I’m currently listening too, but today I will give you the R&B artists from JYP Entertainment. She is Park Jimin, and Yerin Baek. They are also the duo in JYP Entertainment, but they might not be famous as the girl groups in general, but they are decent artists.

Late 2018, Jimin actually released an EP called jiminxjamie which I think it’s such an awesome EP, I mean I really love R&B music, and I think it’s also different from the JYP artists that mostly having this cute image, there is some hip hop music on this EP as well, her collaboration with OLNL is very refreshing, the song title is called What? also for her main single April Fools, is also another refreshing music from her. Actually it can be narrated as you falling in love, you almost look like a Fool, but that’s my understanding from my point of view.

Her duo partner Yerin Baek also releasing her new EP, with the title Our Love is Great, her songs are also very nice, its also R&B, Soul music, and it just got it released, hence be sure to check it out, I have to say if you’re a fan of Lee Hi, definitely they are on the same spectrum with their own colours. I could say that her voice is very romantic, and I think it’s giving her songs to have a girly character, it’s very aesthetically pleasing when you see all the pinkish flowery scenes. It’s about falling in love, and I guess it’s a perfect EP for any ages.

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