dean’s 130 mood TRBL review | mesmerizing EP

130 mood TRBL

DEAN released 130 Mood TRBL

130 mood TRBL
130 mood TRBL

Dean is definitely one of the South Korean artists that everyone is looking at the moment, besides his good looks, he actually does has a unique voice, and very talented on composing, producing, and writing music. He was actually starting his debut through producing, and he actually released his single through American market than the South Korean market (usually they do it vice versa).

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In an interview with Ki Hong, Dean stated that he is interested with the music of hip hop, and R&B that actually part of the African-American culture, to be fair with anyone I have no bad comments on this EP that was released back in 2016, technically Dean hasn’t released any new album or EP at the moment, but he did release a new single called Dayfly (last year), and he is an active member of FANXY CHILD.

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Anyways the EP stands for 7 songs, this songs including Pour Up, Bonnie & Clyde, What 2 Do as their main singles, the EP reached Billboard World Album at no 3, and its a big number for someone that made it through an independent artist (not coming from a company that mostly hold idol groups). Actually, for me, Dean is one of the artists that redefines the music industry in South Korea, he is experimenting with the music of R&B (not that many of alternative R&B), and also he is able to capture the fans through his unique voice (Park Bom, and Dean collab please).

Dean also has the song Bonnie & Clyde that captivating the audience with his “bad boy” looks, and actually Pour Up, Bonnie & Clyde are my favourite songs from this EP. Bonnie & Clyde video itself has contained some plot twists that I think the fans might like it. It carried a plot twist to the point I was lost as I watched the music video, but for me it was one of his best music videos ever. As for this EP, he was also some on music shows in South Korea, I can’t wait for Dean to show up on music shows again.

I think for someone that listening to R&B a lot, you need to check him out because his music is something that US fans will love listening to the songs, the vibes he shares is something that a lot of artists from the US, and the UK will shared or showing. While D Halfmoon featuring Gaeko is actually a chill R&B music, I would say he is one of the artists that doing well without having a drop base, or hard dance songs in South Korea (we need more artists like that).

While having all this success another song that actually my favourite from this EP is actually 21. It’s a love song, definitely, for Ne-Yo’s fans you guys will loving Dean so much, also I think that actually Dean having this “sentimental” “sensitive” songs that able to make the feelings of the fans, listeners flying to the moon (too much). I think his voice is adding more sensation of the songs, I could say “sultry” but he does have some darker vibes compare to Crush.

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  1. W.D. Herstun says:

    Aye! Someone else new. Your page is lit. Ima check him out too.


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