+epik high’s sleepless in_________+

EPIK HIGH released their EP called sleepless in______ this is their first EP after 11 years, and after they parted ways with YG Entertainment. But more than that I still a fan of YG Entertainment, because simply they have the genre that I am listening too. Well definitely regarding about the issues surrounded I am completely disbelief, angry, sad, disappointed due to the involvement of YG artist in the issues, however, I hope that the other artists are not participating in the issues. Anyways, the EP sounds amazing, there is few collaborations in this EP including Sunwoo Jung-a who worked with 2NE1 for the song It Hurts, and GD&TOP’s Oh Yeah featuring Park Bom (those YG FAMILY FEELS), other than that Crush, Yuna, and Suga from BTS also participated with the EP.

I have to say that this album is about heartbreak, and mental health issue, like the song Sleepless it’s opening up about insomnia, but in Asian countries mostly mental issues are considered to be very harmful, and very taboo to talk about. Even in my family no one really believe about anxiety, well it happens sometimes, and people sould be more open about it. In Seoul is one of my favourite Jung a’s vocal is really adding a lot of emotions to the song, while Lovedrunk which became their main single of this EP is just simply amazing. They Crush as their collaborative arists, and for the music video IU is part of the character, the music video is talk about how love can be so dangerous for someone else, and heartbreak is really making someone to fall into darkness.

They have Yuna for the song No Different, I hope you guys know Yuna already I wrote a post about her over here. I think it’s also bridging the difference, no matter what your colour, religion is making music is something that universal and anyone could enjoy it. Actually Rain Again Tommorow, and Lullaby For A Cat are really good as well, and I have to admit it that EPIK HIGH is just keep on growing, their last album We’ve Done Something Wonderful was released back in 2017 with YG Entertainment, but the songs seems to be related to me like People Scare Me, Home is Far Away….but anyways give this EP a go…

I have to say that all the songs from this EP are really showing the quality of the EP, the thing is the fans are writing mean things, issues are not something to make fun for, and I don’t think people should be support for the people that assaulting someone. If EPIK HIGH and Park Bom are doing well on the music charts that’s good for them because their hard works are paid off. In fact, for me their best time are still coming up in the future.

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