+park bom’s EP+

As a fan I’m happy she made a comeback, regardless for haters..you just still sitting and probably still achieved less than PARK BOM. And anyways that’s her money, regarding she wants to do things with her life, that’s none of your problems, and if you don’t want to see her why would you check on her. HATERS ARE JUST SOMEONE JEALOUS WITH PARK BOM


Finally the wait is over guys! It’s finally Spring, can you imagine after all these years, the fans have to wait for Park Bom to make a comeback. In fact having Sandara Park as her featured artist is actually helping the fans to recall the beautiful memories of 2NE1, the times that they spent together. Park Bom said on her press conference that she wants to greet the fans, and she missed the fans as well, and of course the fans really miss Park Bom as well.

Anyways seems like this song is really represent Park Bom, considering “bom” in Korea is spring, and Park Bom voice!!! that’s just way to beautiful, and I really missed her, she’s been hitting some clues over the years, but the time has come really, Sandara Park gives some rap on this song, and I just think the music video is also very pretty. The anthem for Spring is R&B fused with dance music, and seems like Park Bom hasn’t lost the touch of being the diva, and she’s just still having it, for sure she might be nervous for the comeback stage, but we all love her right? At the same time, D Nation actually give Sandara Park a hope giving her the new song for her! The thing is ironically Sandara Park also waiting for a comeback, and the fans of Dara actually waiting for her voice as well, Dara was one of the people who stand by Bom’s side during the difficult time.

She expressed that the song Spring was song about her, and the fans, like the lyrics “Pull me down Endlessly, into the darkness Baby Lay me down My trembling hands are tied to you” Well you can’t really please all people and haters are going to still hate, but it’s a strong move by Miss Park Bom, for being brave enough to talk about mental health, and depression to the public that mostly still ignorant. The fact it’s pretty normal to have depression, and mental health issue because before everything else mental health is very important. “You pull me down but I’m all right You make me cry but I’m all right” that probably talking about the haters for making her feeling down, but she pull herself right back together.

anyways her performance for My Lover is pretty interesting, considering she hasn’t be performing in such a long time I’m super impressed with her stage performances, and I hope we will see her more in the upcoming future. My Lover is also a R&B track with dance tempo which I think is really perfect of her voice, and definitely since the Brave Brothers who worked previously with YG, you can see the sense of YG vibes that Bom herself hasn’t lost it.

Last but not least is her song called Shameful, and I think it’s just another jaw dropping performances by Park Bom. To be fair, the moment she hold that green mic I’m a bit emotional, I would like to listen to her more, especially the genre that she’s doing a great R&B genre like her song You and I, and Don’t Cry. I hope she could work with Teddy in the future, like Sunni did. Anyhow although this comeback is not with Teddy this is an epic comeback, and it’s very well prepared.

Anywhow all three songs are very beautiful, and hopefully she will in no1 again!!!!! and Hopefully she will meet and greet the fans all over again…GOOD JOB BOMMI ❤

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