+lexie liu’s 2030 review+

It’s a bit late to review her EP, but Lexie Liu is one of the girls that killing the game right now..ASIAN REPRESENT HEREEEE!!!!! she just got invited to the Saint Laurent show in Paris, and I mean she’s just the girl crush having her own time at the moment. Anyways she released her EP called 2030 under 88rising, and yupp let’s digging!!! If you following my blog, you might see her once, or maybe twice over here. As you may know she participated in Korean show as well, she was offered to YG Entertainment, but long story short she’s also a smart person, she got into Fordham, but she chooses her music career path, but her music doesn’t disappoint at all!

Alright firstly judging by the visuals of her music its such a unique music videos, like the graphics, are very different compared to other female artists coming from Asia, most of her music videos having this futuristic animation which I think is really cool, and it makes sense because she’s a millennial. Her music is generally having a hip hop music, and contemporary R&B songs, and in fact she participated on the show The Rap of China, which I think she showing her passion on doing the genre that she is on at the moment, what I like about her is she’s not afraid to look not pretty on the camera, which represent her experiment on the music industry.

So I listed three of my favourite songs from the EP called Nada, Love and Run, and Hat Trick, all three kinds of music ooze three different moods, while Love and Run having this loveable moment, falling in love, Nada and Hat Trick is cooler and showing how swag she is, she’s also doing some rap parts on this songs. The thing is she still figuring what kind of music she loves at the moment, and I personally really looking forward on what kind of music she will release next.  This her first EP, and very impressed, she wrote the songs in English, and Chinese..so if you want to learn Chinese in a fun way, maybe you should try listening to their music, or movies are sometimes helpful.

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