The siblings’ duo is debuted under YG Entertainment, and actually, the group is categorised as folk pop musician! but as you may know that YG is known for their SWAG right? And apparently AKMU didn’t forget the note, in fact the reason why I love YG Entertainment so much, is because they dare to be different, and despite they are in the idol industry that mostly very restrictive with thr rules of making music, I don’t think YG did that within his artists, and I am loving the whole agency as a whole, in fact I love the collaborative people that doing it with YG Entertainment.

Lee Chan Hyuk, and Lee Su Hyun really know when to show their YG traits on every songs, probably because the fans are actually hoping that the YG traits are on every artists that are debuted under the company. Although I agree, YG is known for its R&B, dance, and Hip Hop musics, and to be fair having AKMU making their own rap lyrics, and mixing it with folk music is adding the freshness to the song, and it’s not boring. I guess the group also able to redefine the folk music, and the acoustic music, because most younger people are listening to computer based music, or the synthesizer, and I do understand that we live in a modern world, but sometimes acoustic music do help you guys to relax just for a bit! But I love the way they want to experiment something beyond the folk pop music that some young people might consider it as a boring musical style.

Last but not least keep supporting AKMU guys! because they really do have amazing songs, and can’t wait for Chan Hyuk back from the military service, and see their bond on the music shows, and new music!!

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