+teriyaki boyz’s serious japanese+


Some of you might asking me, if why would I review songs that I don’t even understand, its a good question! the thing is for me its always nice listening to music that I haven’t heard before, or music videos that are so different from the music that was released by artists from the US. I do have some trouble on understanding some of the language, but based on my point of view of art form they are fascinating to me. Serious Japanese is their second studio album and was released back in 2009. And again at this point Teriyaki Boyz is working with artists like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, The Neptunes (duo of Pharrell and Chad Hugo) the thing is I would like to point out the diversities of people that happening on the projects. For me I think that’s the most interesting thing, you can coming from different races, but in collaborating you can create something new that might be unimaginable before hand.

For example like Kanye (I might have a hate and fan relationship with him) is a fan of anime, Akira which you can see that on the music video of Stronger, but who would have thought that he will featured on a Japanese hip hop group! even the rap legend like Busta Rhymes. As you might know that BAPE aka Bathing Ape is such a huge brand, and tons of rappers, football players are actually wearing the product and actually they were created by the most amazing Nigo although he sold the brand after all!

Or you can see this music video of I Still Love Her by the group that also featured Kanye West! although their most famous song is called Tokyo Drift..but if they are keeping releasing new music, they could be more famous now, I mean like they offering something different among other Asian artists in the music industry! The thing is the fans might be ignorant all the time, and maybe some music blogger have been very ignorant all this time, the collaborations between East and West have been happening in the last decade!!!!!

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