+teriyaki boyz’s beef or chicken+


I’ve been mentioning Teriyaki Boyz for a few times, but I haven’t really listening to their album as the whole! I just did, and apparently they have 2 studio album, which I’m going to post it back to back! Beef or Chicken is their first ever studio album, and it was released November 16, 2005, and at this point I was in primary 1! so you can imagine how old I am at this point! The thing is Japanese music used to be very big in Asia, and around the world, they are very experimenting, and unique to the listeners, they are very bold on making the choice of beats, and the fashion, well you guess it right Verbal and Nigo are creating their own fashion line that I like.

This album is probably one of the first album that bridging the Asian musician with the Western artist, duo like Daft Punk, also Mark Ronson are noted as the producers of the group’s first studio album! nontheless it was released back in the mid 2000s so definitely the social media users are not crazy as nowadays! however they should be more acknowledge by the media, because they are truly one of the first ever group to do so! Definitely I got some language barrier here, since I don’t speak Japanese or understand it, maybe some words, but other than that Japanese music have been part of my childhood, and I just thought they are such an amazing music to listen to.

From my point of view Heartbreaker music video does give me a little bit of futuristic vibes based on the released in 2005, and I still like some of their songs are very iconic, which I’m going to put it on the next review for their second studio album! I really hope they made a comeback as a group! but anyways for me before kpop in 2010 starting the mixing of the genres, you can see that Teriyaki Boyz have been very experimenting on mixing hip hop with some electronic music, and more! Anyways check them up, and let me know what do you think about Teriyaki Boyz.

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