Got to say it is my first concert in 2019, IMG_3079and its a real dream come true concert of my life, seeing Eminem through live music.  Without a fancy stage outfit, or huge streaming project Eminem once again proofing why he is the king of rap! He didn’t bring any stage dancers, yet he did brought up such a team of live music performers, composed of cellist, violist, drummer, the DJ, and his assistant I supposed. There are surprises as well, from Boogie, Royce da 5’9, and SKYLAR GREY!!! I can’t believe that He really did bring Skylar Grey to Australia.

Most of all its my first time seeing Eminem, and its super ridiculous on how the stadium was just packed only for Eminem. I guess Melbourne Cricket Ground is the biggest stadium not only in Melbourne but in Australia, in fact the day for his show is just for 1 day, no wonder why the stadium just went crazy. I thought I’m not going to get the general admission, but I did make a mistake while purchasing it, so if you’re vertically challenged like me don’t do that! For the record, there are some songs that are not on the list, but its Slim Shady’s 20 birthday do he did bring that up. Overall I’m not a fan of general admission, because it was crowded, and a bit hectic, some people are just a little bit drunk, and its a bit annoying. But Eminem was able to bring the whole crowd just jamming to every song that he got, all he did was just went up there and rap! but its just the stage presence was there. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you, even if you feel you’re not the best, failure, or whatsoever..don’t worry guys we are all the same. Eminem’s father left him when he was young, got bullied, failed in 9th grade 3 times, yet he read the dictionary and opening up to more vocabulary, he did try working hard. The key is its okay to fail, and if you do work hard, or try to work it on another way until you got it! Ooow I got a funny story, today my brother just so worried if I’m going to a concert by myself, so he called his friends only for asking if anyone going to Eminem’s concert, so 2 of his friends did, and I wasn’t alone! truly I’m so grateful to have a brother like him 🙂


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