+hip hop is the revolution+

Hip Hop is predominantly an African-American music culture, from the East Coast-West Coast stories that I haven’t seen it by my eyes, to the fashion that we all adapting today, aka the streetwear culture. Like it or not, hip hop music, and culture is actually bringing us together to one thing. How it’s affecting the millennials of today, hip hop music also been a debate of the cultural appropriation issues by the artists. I mean, there are some words that may have a bad connotation, without we realising it. For example the n-word, it may not be affecting other people, but it might hurt someone else. Also with the emergence of kpop music that making the “rapping” looks more approachable, that’s why a lot people loving the word ‘swag’.






That’s why I really respect Rich Brian for changing his name, he is realised how he didn’t want to offend anyone in the community. Another example is $tupid Young, who grew up on States, I could understand why he acts like that because he was born and raised in the community, hence he adapted to the cultural scene whether he likes it or not.



Another example is in China, the Higher Brothers is really making a scene right now, they are at the same label with Brian. But in 2018, Hip Hop music is banned in China, I understand, because there is profanity, cursing used in rap music. But look at the positive thing, the younger generations are more to be open-minded, and more tolerant towards other people culture, they can make their own community, and looking for friends as well. I mean I personally not someone that easily making friends with other people, a lot of the time I don’t really know what would I do, but listening to the music its helping me understanding other people daily struggle.

It’s not only happening in China but also in India as well. There are some common thing, that racism is still happening everywhere. What African-American people felt on how they got the discrimination its the same when Chinese-Indonesian also got the discrimination. The thing is sometimes we need to be more open minded, and I personally think that hip hop got the content of racism issues, politic issues, personal issues, and many more.





There are some example like This is America, Where’s the Love, and many more. There are some hip hop coming from Asia that’s very cool as well. I feel like through music I could easily more on seeing other people’s culture that look so exciting for me.








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