+asura movie and soundtrack review+

In 2016, I was such a fan of Korean movie industry, especially the Train to Busan movie, that was incredible. Moving on there are some other movies that blew my mind, one of them is Asura. The movie was based on a gangster live, the story centered out on people, looking for power, and money, the fact is they really doing so good. I’m not sure but the South Korean movie is always got a nice costume on set as well. Anyways the actors on this film are considered to be few of the best actors in South Korea. I mean it, most of them are playing in movies rather than dramas, I feel like the acting between dramas, and movies are different.

With the movie the characters are deeper than drama, they longer time of preparation and everything are more details. I would say there are lots of violations on this movie, but its just explained the city of madness phrase on this film. By the way, Jung Woo Sung, and Ju Jin Hoon here are just another level of South Korean actors. With Jung Woo Sung he is more experienced actor, but both are just having diverse characters along in their careers.  I mean while most actors are choosing to be in drama scenes, that makes them more popular, but they are doing very well with silver screen. At this moment actually Ju Jin Hoon is having some drama to watch, but they are more than just a romantic drama. Like the name of the movie, the plot really defines the meaning of city of madness.


But to be fair they are also good looking #fangirling mode. I’m not a fan of pretty guy, so when I look at them they are just cool. The movie is great I would like to rate it 9/10. Their soundtrack was produced by BeWhy as well, titled Someday ! I feel like with this movie they have such a cool background, the character of Jung Woo Sung was so desperate, and I think it explained there are no bad human beings but there are some bad timing.

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