Hello guys I just found out this girl Amaal while browsing the most amazing YouTube ocean. And you guys know what’s next…. her voice is just so incredibly amazing. She was born in Somalia and raised in Canada. She has a lot of siblings as well, and Amaal also went to university, but she chooses her music path, well she’s not wrong at all, she got all the talents to be the successful ones.

She got a variety of genres while she’s performing including R&B and pop music. I really do love R&B and pop music, because I think they are very listenable and chill, I feel like some of the songs are actually helping you to relax in a good way, and gives you a little bit of me time.

I would like to recommend her to HER’s or SZA’s fans or Ella Mai’s fans. Amaal just released the song called Not What I Thought I think its such an amazing songs, its very chill, its moody but it fits with anyone that listening to the songs, I mean there are bad days in our life right ? but it depends on how we view it in life 🙂 maybe we can enjoy those bad days too by listening to the music that we are into on. Don’t forget to keep comments on my blog, and I will really appreciate it soo much! I mean I need to exchange our minds as well…:) love you all

This is just the beginning for Amaal, she may get more view in the future, and I’m very sure with that ! 🙂 I mean she’s just got started, and she’s an independent artist I believe, but she paved the way for herself, and that’s the best thing.

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