+congratz naomi+

Apparently Naomi Osaka won her second major final back to back ! The first Japanese tennis player…ever (by far) to achieve world no 1 (not only Japanese woman but..the first Asian player to do so), won 2 slams at the age of 21 ! I went to church during her game, so I didn’t watch her second, and third set ! but what a day for Naomi Osaka, she is such an amazing, and humble human being ever ! I think what we all can learned from Naomi stories is that…no matter how difficult the obstacle is..stay calm, and believe in your self. I mean her winnings are also very important on how people see half-Japanese people back in Japan ! 🙂 she really erasing the abnormality of being half-Japanese too, in which we all can learn that differences are good, and sometimes we need those differences to be better in the future, and learning, respecting others in a lot of ways !

Definitely all I can say, or wish is that..stay humble, and always be yourself, keep inspiring other young girls ! and please always be a fan of Michael B. Jordan ! Congratulations for Naomi Osaka’s team as well, for being such a supportive team by far, through the bad, and the good times 🙂 and keep being lovely ! and keep your caring personality ! I never get bored watching Naomi Osaka’s interview, its just so raw, and its just her ! I don’t know if I’m going to watch the men’s final..I’m just happy with the result of Osaka’s. I mean being an Asian person as well, its also removing the stereotypes of Asian being only good at maths, or any other academic materials !

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