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if you guys lived in Indonesia, you must at least heard of Disctarra. They used to sell a lot of physical albums, but when the apple product starts to sell in Indonesia the demand of the physical albums were decreasing, and also a lot of places in Indonesia are selling the non-original disc in Indonesia. Sadly in 2015-ish the Disctarra store are closing all over in Indonesia. I couldn’t remember the last physical album I bought. Some of my discs are lost somewhere : Taylor Swift’s 1989, The Script’s 3rd, and Hillsong’s United. By the way guys..today I have my medical check up, my doctor asked me : “which one is better, living in Indonesia or Australia… ” I replied “I think its 50:50” he said to me “You were sent by your parents not to seek for 3 GPA, or more, but you sent for getting life lesson” I’m still waiting for the COE to be process after such a long break…

I would like to thanked him, in so many ways, I would like to say thank you that it calmed me down for a second, to say thank you for my life. I might not be the most smartest girl ever in the room, but I’m thankful for the people around me. The selling CD’s are showing that people are changing, and you can’t really depend on them…Some stuffs are need to be sacrifice…soooo I’ll keep updating if I got to find the CDs or not 🙂 anyways I would like to link down my favourite songs from the CDs

I would like to say that I miss the store, as I would be able to listen to some CDs back in the day, and going through my mind if I’m going to buy it or not..I think that’s one of the reason that I would like to find my CDs…also it would brought back my memories, it reminds me of my age, and my certain mood..I will keep updating this post..so it might change a lot….

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