RIRI is one of the youngest Japanese star, she’s signed to Sony Music that based in Japan. She’s young, talented, and she has achieved so many things in life more than just a  18/19 teenagers will do. She’s been covering Zedd’s Stay for the Japanese version. I personally loving her voice, because she got that youthfulness on her voice, she got that strong and powerful voice, but I could say you can listen to her sweet voice at the same time.

I think with the younger generation for Japanese music industry, the people are realising that Japan also have a lot of young talented singers, and they just need to promote them into the world, so they know how impactful the Japanese music in Asia before. On her new album Neo which was released in late 2018 she collaborated with artists like Shota Shimizu, and American artist Saweetie. Her collaborations are amazing considering Shota Shimizu is also another big artist from Japan with R&B vibes with him, and Saweetie also collaborated with artists like Kehlani, G-Eazy, and Rich the Kid. So I think that RIRI is in a good hand for her music career.

I could say that HONEY from her new album is one of the favourite followed by Forever that featured Shota Shimizu, and Patience featuring Saweetie is also amazing, the song give me the vibe of powerful hip hop, fun, and girl power (we all need girl power). From her YouTube channel which I hope everyone need to check her music video, she got some of her songs from her previous EP/Album from her self titled album called RIRI. As for her song HONEY, she also got it for the English version. But its up to you guys, but I think music is a universal language, we can have fun together when we want to, despite there is a language barrier, since the Japanese version is dope as well. BUT ANYWAYS PLEASE CHECK HER OUT.

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