+Obama’s favourite song 2018+

Hi guys I wanted to show this lists by President Obama, the 44th President shared such an amazing lists for the music that he loved in 2018. For the record I knew most the artists from his list..I couldn’t believe it that Mr. Obama also listen to Poppy Ajudha because I also loved her too, and I posted as well. I think the song that Mr. Obama listens to are also contain such a diverse topic (if you look closely to the meaning of the lyrics)

The song that I also interested in, is by Tom Misch. The song contained some jazzy vibes, a bit R&B ish which super chill. I think from most of the song that Mr. Obama listed, he loves R&B, hip hop genres. I personally think that he is one of my favourite people on this planet, and someone that I’m looking up to.

Obama also listed the song my Lord Huron, which showing the effect of Frank Sinatra on his music. It’s very classic but at the same time it feels modern, the music video also shared those oldies feeling, which I could recommend this song to the elders, the song that I think is also similar vibes to Lord Huron is Anderson East.

Some of the songs that I knew from the lists are : Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, The Carter, Khalid, Normani. Most of the artists are someone that I knew before 🙂 as for the songs that I included on this post, it’s because 1. I haven’t heard the song, 2. I think they have interesting music video. I think it’s very interesting to see Obama shared his favourite music. It’s very diverse. : topic, genre, artist, I think it’s because musicians are also the new generation of poet, the millennial of poets.

Anyways happy new year guys ❤️

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