+christmas 2018+

Christmas is a huge deal for my family, aside its a religious festivities, its also part of a family time of the year that I couldn’t skip. So I would like to listed the songs that you might want to have it on your playlist during Christmas time for 1 DAY TO GOOO

I have Ne-Yo for your romantic Christmas date, if you have one, I mean Ne-Yo’s is just super amazing, his voice is really warm, and I think if you celebrate Christmas during winter time (except Australia, and New Zealand), I hope you guys get the warmness of Christmas, and the joy to your family, and next I have Noa Kazama, a former YG trainee, he did a cover of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe, with his on vibe.

Next I have a little bit of oldies songs, like Luther Vandross, and The Temptations. With The Temptations they performed Silent Night (its a must song, a staple) which they have it with their own version..and I really like this song as well, because we have this song played during the candle light night for Christmas mess.

I really love Whitney as well, I think she’s one of the greatest, and I’m glad that I used to listen to some of her songs as well, when I was young. I think Christmas is something that everyone should be able to enjoy together, the unity, the love, and Christmas is always about  new hope, and your presents are not always in terms of money, it could be the love from people surrounds us ❤ And last but not least Joy To The World version by Teddy Pendergrass. Joy To The World is one of the staple song aside from Silent Night, and I think I like worships songs (depends on how it sounds, as long as its not to EDM-my I don’t mid, or the more vulnerable or more personal it is, the relationship of the writers with God, I’m going to love the song)

wishing you all the best for Christmas, and New Year Eve 🙂 stay tuned I’ll keep on posting 

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