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Over three years ago, everyone is fascinated by the line “i can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it”. Although he began his career around the year 2010, the song that really brought him to success is I Can’t Feel My Face, but not only that every time he released an album, or a song, he always took over the music charts, for me personally I think his voice is really romantic in some ways. By far Abel, or The Weeknd have 3 musical album, which recently he released Starboy in 2016, for the record for those k pop fans that’s complaining why their artists are not releasing another song, they should check how Taylor Swifts wasn’t giving any music out in the past 3 years…

In fact in 2015, when Fifty Shades of Grey released their movie he also contribute to the soundtrack through the song Earned It. In which he did it both in 2015, what an achievements right ? Although I’m not a fan of the movie, I like song, I think the song is something that you would listen on a bar, on a date night maybe ? I don’t know but Abel is really such a talented artist.  To be fair right now I don’t know what’s my current favourite artist, I listen to a lot of songs with different languages…hahaha, but music has no specific languages right ? as long as we enjoy it together.

I think the one common thing that I really like from The Weeknd is that his musical style is very “stylish”, its something that you got from the best fusion food, and the directions of his music videos are something I would say really well produced. Its unique in some ways, but at the same time there is sort of a dark theme into it, that I think also very unique from him. There is this song called Win My Love, which I think could also be your favourite, but let me know what do you think guys ?

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