+maher zain+

Growing up in Indonesia, definitely I grew up with cultural diversities, yup 17000 islands, and they have different local cultures, which I might missed out growing up. But the main cool thing about Indonesia is we have 5 official religions, Christian, Catholics, Islam, Buddhist, and Hindu, hence we celebrate a lot of holidays due to different celebrations..fun right ? So the main holiday for me is Eid , and Christmas, because some of my friends are Muslims 🙂 I got a lot of food with their celebrations, and I love ketupat. And also due to the celebrations of Eid, the music played on my national televisions are usually promoting the religious music, one of them is Maher Zain, I knew this guy from my brother hahahaha because he loved the songs.

A lot of people my thought why would you listen to him ? I said so many times, that I love music as the bridge for people with different background. I like listening to other people’s story, and I think music is also a universal language. Regardless if you’re not part of their culture, to me as long as his voice is nice, I would love to listen to the song. Most of Maher’s song is an influence of R&B with some of Middle East’s instruments that I think is very cool, and I think it’s unique..and before people think about other things, this blog is meant to be a respectful blog to anyone who read the blog, I love to learn other people’s background, and I think with belief it’s very sensitive point to talk, but I think it’s all about your own relationship with God, and be respectful to others on how they view it, because it’s almost like asking do you love your mum or dad.

I really like how how artists are able to share their personal stories, and be an examples to other young people. Because not only in my community, other people with different beliefs are starting to lose faith, which I think religion is one of the best norm guides for your life, regarding whatever religion that you have, don’t be judgemental, that’s very important too, always be in a POSITIVE community regarding whatever your religion is, AND STAY KIND. Maher went on success on the countries like Indonesia, and Malaysia, but his voice is really nice though so he deserved it, anyways let me know what do you think..and byeee

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