+zayn’s cover+

I love that Zayn Malik put some of his cover songs on his own channel. Most of the songs have been adapted to Zayn’s style of music. He also covering song that I haven’t heard before like Allah Duhai Hai which meant Allah is God, the song is from the Bollywood’s movie Race 3. Although his version is a bit different from the original version which I’m going to linked it over here, the song is a pretty awesome according to me, after all music is the most unify thing ever on earth, we can dance and enjoy the moment despite having a different things in life.

One of my favourite songs that the covered is actually Can’t Help Falling in Love, by Elvis Presley. Although the original is definitely different from his style, I could say its a fun thing to listen to after seeing a lot of TV shows in South Korea remaking the old songs for the younger children familiar with the songs. The point is, I could say that definitely there are people who loved the original song better, but in this case the creativity is very important. Another song that I love is, his version of Me Myself, and I by Beyoncé. Definitely both singers are my fave so I couldn’t choose, I mean Queen Bey is amazing, but Zayn’s version is giving a different vibes…so please check it out, and I’ll review Zayn’s new album soon too 🙂

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