+rewind 2018+

hellow guys so I think because 2018 is come to an end why won’t we have a countdown on what’s was actually happened in 2018 on the music world according to me (?) sooo you guys may agree, and disagree with me, but otherwise I’ll try my best to compile it, the month may contained 1, or 2 songs 🙂


3- Bruno Mars released the track Finesse featuring Cardi B, I also celebrated my 20 birthday at this time in Milan..its almost a year guys 🙂 🙂 🙂 


6-Kendrick Lamar’s All The Stars was released featuring SZA. I went to Kendrick Lamar’s concert as well, and the song also part of the legendary movie BLACK PANTHER (the only Marvel movie that I’ve been waiting for)


22- Post Malone’s Psycho was released, the music also featured the rapper Ty Dolla Sign, I love the song, Post Malone is one of my favourites right now. 


4- The boy group WINNER continues their trade mark with no 4, after the success of the previous year with Really Really


30- I celebrated Steven Gerrard birthday on this day (huge fan of him), but..Girls Like You by Maroon 5 was released.


7-Midsummer Madness from 88rising family was released, its later part of the Head in the Clouds album thats also released this year (mid year) 

15- DDU DU DDU DU was released by the K POP girl band BLACKPINK from YG ENT, it became the most viewed music video by a girl group in the first 24 hrs. 


20- The youngest member of BIGBANG Seungri released his Solo album, with the lead single called 1,2,3. Its a dance song, and you guys need to check him out too. 

25 – Joji released the official music video for Head in the Clouds, and they have a collaboration album, in which they featured all the 88rising family. 


24-The boy group BTS..they are amazing…anyways they released the most viewed of K POP music videos by far, they even beat Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do 

29- Advice (Dele Alli) by Cadet, and Deno was released after the hit Dele Alli challenge was released. I watch the goal by the way hehehehe


14- Killshot, a diss track to hit back Machine Gun Kelly was released, it gained more than 30 million views on YouTube, despite only an official audio. 


20- Kenshi Yonezu releasing a music video by Flamingo, for the record the artist is one of my favourite artists of all time right now, and I’ve write about him in the past on the blog. Please check it out, and let me know what do you guys think.

29 – Without Me, by Halsey music video is out, and the fact that I love this song it was super amazing. Victoria’s Secret used this song for their show this year (yeayyyy)


12- Jennie’s Solo was released, and its her official solo debut as an artist. 

22- ONE OK ROCK released a new music video called Stand Out Fit In, its for their newest album that will be released next year, 2019. The song composed in Japanese, and English..love them 🙂 

26-MINO official comeback with a solo album, and he won 3 awards for music shows right now, proofing himself as an artist, and for the new YG family Jennie, and MINO are currently showing that they are one of the artists to look for.

30 – Thank U Next was released on YouTube, it break the records of the most viewed music video of all time, beating artists like BTS, and Taylor Swift. I love the music too by the way. 


5- The artist AUGUST 08 from 88rising released the official music video for Spiral for which he got a collaboration with WYNNE. 

7- Mike Shinoda released his music video for Can’t Hear You Now, that’s part of the Post Traumatic EP that was released earlier this year, the music was step by step journey after Chester Bennington passed.

so did I missed any of your favourite music by far ? It’s been an amazing year, and thank you for the dope 2018…can’t wait for 2019, and graduation ❤️❤️ hopefully I can make something from the best out of it, and be someone that’s helpful, and cheerful and always be happy and thankful..stay tuned for more guys

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