+be an example+

Hello guys, I’ve been contemplating again with all my believes in everything. When someone preach we have to forgive, or when we said to others they should forgive someone that’s hurting them, that’s not easy at all. How can we change others when we can’t change ourselves?

In fact I’m very worry about my future, I don’t know what will I do in the next future..and yet my communication with my parents (both) are not running smoothly. I think they lost the meaning of having an introvert kid like me.

I’ve scared to said about my believes, yet today Chance the Rapper really gives me an idea of having faith. It might be cliche for some of us, but not for me.

In fact he got this dope worship song that I’ve been listening back at church, and family altar..and he did according to what he feels (I salute you). I think everyone should be thankful to what they have, our mouth is our weapon..and I understand that I’m not the perfect human being…I don’t hate my parents, or maybe I am right now, but forgiving it’s something that it’s not hard to do..and sometimes things are not always running out smoothly according to our plan(s) #GODSPLAN

in fact God actually always sent me the best part of light in my life through unbelievable search on my internet…we never know on when we actually able to be a blessing or curse for others. Even like the small tattoo (Dele Alli’s Psalm tattoo), the posts of the devotions on internet, the speech..basically every single thing that we did might be a blessing or a curse..so I would say that sometimes we often think, I don’t want to go to church because it will makes me look like an old school..but without we realising it define cool. I want to ask you does your idol have a bigger idol than themselves ? DO THEY DO THINGS THAT YOU CONSIDERED NOT COOL (like praying, go to the praying house depending on what their religion is)

Have a blessed Sunday ❤️❤️

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