Hi everyone, I usually writing about well known artists that I like, or indie ones that’s currently booming on the internet, but I have  new section called NEW REVIEW. On that section what I did is actually I’ll also write a review about my friend/anyone that, I want to review about their music because I like it or if someone asking me to review the song. I guess you might heard the people that you may not heard of before, which I think is also interesting to me.

Okies…I knew the Indonesian Grime King through social media about a year ago, grime is something that’s very well known in the UK music scenes. It might not be heard in Indonesia (not common), but about a month ago he released a song with Ben Utomo, in which he is also a rising star or probably well known in the Indonesia Hip Hop Scene. I only meet Igor from Saykoji (at a church meeting) and he is the only hip hop figure from Indonesia that I knew.

The track is called Back in the Lab, I personally think that the song is awesome, it somehow giving more ideas to me, or anyone that actually loving and supporting Indonesian musicians on how diverse is, the music industry in Indonesia. On one of the chorus “Mi no waan stylee slow, Grime with U to the T O M the O Lyrical warlord duppy with ninja bop bop 140”, ninjatea highlighter on how making the grime music with Ben Utomo..and here’s are some translation from the words from the man himself.

lyrical warlord = talented/sick rapper

140 = 140 bpm grime style,

The meaning from the song is actually about how the artist himself actually enjoying his style, and have fun on making a sick music with good energy, and anyways as I mentioned before there are some collaborations happening between the hip hop music, and the grime industry, for example A$AP ROCKY ft Stormzy. So there is a hint of cultural shifting of hip hop and grime music…don’t forget to check him as well on YouTube.

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