Post One Direction

Post One Direction

What are the members of One Direction are currently doing? And their pathways, and accomplishment

To be fair I was not a huge fan of One Direction, but more or less the song What Makes You Beautiful was a huge hit, and it was part of my life growing up as an awkward teenager. It was my start at my new school’s building, and there was an English Week Festival, where we should performed at least one class was messed during the performance, where we performed Payphone by Maroon 5. My junior class performed the song by One Direction, and their performance was an epic performance..I miss my school sometimes.

I mean they are one of the most loved Boy Group in the universe, it was sad when they did announced their hiatus, and Zayn’s departure. But let’s take a look on their solo careers right now, maybe be it was a painful goodbye (with the whole group), but its a new beginning to everyone else, I mean entering a manhood life, and choice of songs are never going to be easy… PS I’m going to pick out like the best views of their music videos, and I arrange it in no particular order. 


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With Harry Styles, I love the song called Sign of the Times, the video was filmed beautifully..somehow his costume reminds me of Newt Scamander. But anyways..Harry Styles is more showing more into his rock vibes rather than the pop sides..I’m not mad at all I guess that style is the best for Mr.Styles. The song itself was described as Psychedelic soul by the critics, where it was described as Soul meeting up Psychedelic rock, basically you can see a mix between Rhytm and Blues, and Rock… I’ll give the song 5/5 stars 🙂


We have Louis next, the song itself got a vibes or R&B, a bit dance, and definitely a lit featuring artists. I guess by going solo the members are actually exploring their real artistic vision of their identity as an artist. In my opinion the song is really trendy, where its very listenable for the fans, I guess there is a hint of football vibes on the music video, I mean the sporty vibes giving him a different look from other members’ music video. I’ll also give him 5/5 for coming out of the shells 🙂


For Liam I would like to say a congratulations for being a father as well, which he is truly entering a different door of his life. I guess Liam Payne also approaching more into a R&B, Hip Hop vibes, I guess his songs are also something that’s very trendy, and definitely something that the fans would love to listen, also even if you’re not a fan you need to listen to his songs, they are great, and very nice to be listened to… I’ll give the song a rate of 5/5 as well..I guess I’m not going to say something bad about the songs regardless, because I know how hard it is to brainstorm something.


Well, I can’t be biased but Zayn went to be a solo artist after the departure from the group. It was a sad moment, but as long as he is happy, I’m going to support his songs, and his creativities with the music industry. I actually listening to Zayn more, because I think his song is more into my style of music, and he is doing some amazing cover songs, like Allah Duhai Hai for example. Dusk Till Dawn is my favourite from him, I mean the cinematography, and everything about the collaboration was just perfect…5/5 for Zayn too and can’t wait for another release of your music.


If I wasn’t mistaken Niall is the youngest right ? (#maknae) I mean he is doing great now, slowly but surely. I mean SLOW HANDS is really an amazing song, his style is described as a FOLK ROCK, FOLK ROCK. Overall they are doing an amazing job despite going solo on their own. They are also giving a different colour on how the people, the new fans, the old fans are going to see the group later in the future. I love on how Niall actually going solo with FOLK vibes, can’t wait for your other release NIALLL.. I’ll give the rate 5/5

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