+Kenshi Yonezu+

Hiiii, I hope everyone is doing fine, and well, if you’re in week 12 like me I hope your exam preparations are doing well too 🙂 Sooo it turns out that my essay is 36/50 #72 I got distinction after having a breakdown scared that I’m going to fail. In this post I’ll post about Kenshi Yonezu, I already wrote about him earlier when I started this blog 🙂 here. I’m going to post his music videos that actually surpassed the 100 Million views, since no one is actually did the celebration of 100 Million Views in J Pop, as a fan I want to do it 🙂 This post its not about hating other music industry but just want to appreciate it, since a lot of people are actually don’t really know the “glory days” of J Pop music, I mean my anime period moments, my J Pop moments during my kid days 🙂

Kenshi Yonezu x DAOKO 打上花火 199M views and counting 

Kenshi Yonezu Lemon 186M Views and counting 

Kenshi Yonezu アイネクライネ  142M views and counting

Kenshi Yonezu LOSER 130M views and counting

Kenshi Yonezu Peace and Sign 107M views and counting 

There are 5 music videos that passed the 100 M views yet the agency its not releasing congratulations poster like other agencies in the opposite side of J Pop music. I personally thing that’s its amazing that I knew about him just this year, because J Pop artists are tend not to be “loud” in the media, but actually they are super talented and super amazing in the music industry. I think thinking about the music I personally really think about the music rather than the social media, because at the end of the day its about the music right ? I don’t think mass streaming, fan wars actually important, although its actually boosts up the name of the artists to the media (what do you guys think ?) but for example if you want me to compare with G Dragon they are both famous, and they are doing different musical approach, and I love them both. But to the fans who said J POP is boring, G Dragon’s Untitled released at 8 June 2017 gained 77M views, Kenshi Yonezu’s Peace and Signed released at 7 June 2017 gained 107M views. Is G Dragon more powerful than Kenshi Yonezu ? well in terms of social media, maybe, in terms of world wide fans maybe..but at the end of the day in K Pop music there are fan wars so its actually hard to determined the real views and the mass streaming held by the fans 🙂

At the end of the day its really about personal preference, and I do love both K Pop, and J Pop musics but sometimes with K Pop music the fans are more less tolerant towards the preference of other fans, and they don’t really want to heard something bad from the idols. Its sometimes also ridiculous on how the fans are mad on their dating..I mean like they’re human, and its their 20s so….yeah 🙂 I have one more video that I really like from Kenshi Yonezu 🙂

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