+Thailand’s 2014/2015+

Sooo I was digging my computer and found up another Holiday picked up that I’m able to remember. I went to Thailand in 2014, we have our New Year celebrations over there for 2015. I went to Hong Kong, Malaysia when I was a kid, I always visited Singapore when I was a kid to check up with my eyes as well (got a permanent eyes defect) ..But anywyas the thing with Thailand is that we went on tour, with my parents’ friends, and the tour guide wasn’t good enough….

But I got my wish came true, yup seeing the Elephant, and riding one of themm, and taking photo with one of them too, aren’t they a lovely giant ? When I was a kid I got to ride horses before, and also Camel when I visited Shenzhen back when I was a third grade..riding an Elephant giving me a different chills to be fair because they are super tall, but they’re cute, and they also live long as well which I just know by visiting Thailand.

To be fair everyone telling me that the food was incredible, but thanks to the tour guide, we didn’t get to see most of Thailand that everybody is saying 😦 I wish we could go back sometimes later 🙂 I saw the Elephant painting as well, I think they were trained for ages for them to be able to draw properly, they were so cute when they did that, I love big animals like Elephant, actually I don’t expect them to be that huge, because I never see Elephant from that close, the one that took a picture with me is a baby by the way 🙂

I actually have a little knowledge regarding about Thai’s music, I know that Lisa from Blackpink is from Thailand, but she hasn’t sing in Thai language right ? I found this guy, Joni Anwar, I found out that he is part Indonesian OMMGG its the country when I was born and raised…to be fair, since I love music, and writing its actually giving me a chance to know how people sing their songs with their own language, and found it very interesting, I guess that’s why people are actually able to listening to k pop without understanding Korean a bit, the same with J Pop, or C Pop 🙂 ❤

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