+Singapore 2017+


Back in 2017, I went to Singapore to accompany my mum to go for a medical check up, to be fair it was my first time to have our own time to go to another place with my mum only. Its a bit interesting because in the last few years I feel like I let my mum down, with the whole thing going on with dad, and I change my major from interior design, to international business, yet I still try to find a ground for my self. Its a bit weird because I feel like my relationship with my mum is actually growing apart since that dad thing was going on, and I move to Australia…but overall I feel like its a new thing for me..It was a very short trip like only for a day, we stayed at Grand Hyatt Singapore, because that’s the hotel that I always go to every time I visited Singapore hehehe location wise its close with every where.

Harumi Yukutake

Do Ho Suh

During her medical check up, she letting me go to the museum, where they actually have the exhibition, I went there because I just want to see the exhibition, and I let my mum waiting on the medical check up by herself..honestly I felt guilty for left her like that, because the point of having me around is to accompany her doing all the tests, and also because I don’t have a phone I shouldn’t left her like that 😦 but we got to eat our favourite ice cream together. To be honest I really love the Singaporean ice cream with bread..that’s the best. I’ll definitely do the hawker thing for my next trip, and actually but overall its a fun for my girls trip with my mum.

I definitely understand that I’m the type of a girl that not easily to talk to, and its been difficult for everyone to talk to me, I’m not going to blame if someone its not going to liking me or whatsoever. But at the end of the day I can’t really force other people to love me either… hahahaha I’m very sure that my mum wants the best for my life, and I totally get that.  It must been difficult for my parents to have a kid like me as well, who doesn’t really fit any where, because they really want the best out of me..the fun part is the music 🙂 I choose Nathan Hartono, actually I got to see him live in Melbourne during the Asia Festival, where actually Ailee did came in, but I went home early not even before Ailee coming up to the stage hahaha

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