+New Zealand 2015+

Back in 2015, my parents brought me to New Zealand, it was amazing 10 days trip. My grand parents was brought too by my parents to the June holiday. The photo above was taken during our dinner break in New Zealand. I could say that the scenery in New Zealand is the best description on living in a wallpaper country. It was my first time ever to see the most picture perfect scenes, like the water was super blue clear crystal…I went to the Hobbiton too, somewhere in Mata Mata and the Lake Tekapo was soo pretty, you can eat fresh salmon somewhere near Lake Tekapo too, but unfortunately I wasn’t enjoying the Lake Tekapo due to period cramp.. 😦

Back in 2015 although I have my phone around with me its not something I was attached to it like 100%, its even hard to call me during day time, because I always left my phone somewhere or turn it off..my mum was soo mad because I did that all the time. I have couple of photos that I took it with my mum..First one is in Michael Joseph Savage memorial, and the other one was in Good Shepherd Church (one of the latest stopped in our break. Actually we got to go to other places like the Glow Worm Cave called Waitomo Cave, and Milford Sound, but it was raining during the Milford Sound trip, but I got another beautiful photos of the mountain…

As usual for the musician I choose for this trip is…none other than Lorde. Actually me myself is a fan of Lorde, there is something about her that’s soo coolll her voice is super cool, the direction choice for her music video is actually one of my favourite to look after. One of her breakout music, Royals was one of the musics that I listen too that year, and on my TV it was almost played on every single different music episodes..but I love it though 🙂 🙂

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