+Germany’s Trip+

Germany was one the countries that I spent before the year 2017 was totally ended, the picture above was taken in December 31 2017, in Titise Lake somewhere is Southern Germany if I wasn’t mistaken. My brother doesn’t really take a photo with me all the time but he was asking one for…I think the Germany’s trip was a bit too fast because I don’t get to see a lot of places over there, but I was able to see the Cologne Cathedral.

During the World War 2 the Cathedral was hit up to 14 times but remained strong, although the other part of the city was flattened down..amazing right ? they are currently trying to cleaning up the mark caused by the hits, you can see some restorations plan on the photo. I try to take a photo while the bus was driving (stupid choice ever) but actually you can see some of the old buildings on the photos that reminds me of an old movie, or something that Keira Knighley usually taking part with.

I know its weird but if you read my blog few days ago I have a assignment drama, and…the taxi driver I have to thanked soo much he was super nice, and try to make me believe that it was okay..and to start with he got a lot of euro dance, and dance hall music along the ride. One of the songs that actually I recognised is What is Love by Haddaway, because the song was sampled in Eminem’s song No Love that featuring Lil Wayne. The song is actually old, it was released back in 1993, but lately I’m so up to older song. But honestly the song its not that old to be listen to today, like its still listenable, I could still dance with this song, although I can’t dance to be honest…

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