+Belgium’s Trip+


Last time it was a quick visit for Belgium its not even a day, its more like a stop and go. But I got to eat the waffle…and see a lot of beautiful building this trip I brought up my lovely Dinosaurs glasses from Spangled as you could see it on the picture with my mum..and yess my new hair accessories that I got during the trip lovely right ? I love my sweater too (from Kenzo) I think its very cool with a lot of Tiger prints all over it..and my head scarf from Locitanne in Brussels. But I try to documented the city, and country by my best….

Soo I got to see the Town Hall, which were the last 2 pictures but I forgot the what’s the first picture is about…But the Town Hall was the one that’s very Christmassy…if you understand what I mean, like the whole thing was magical I love Gothic building, and obsessed with old buildings, and I want to live in certain period not the 21st Century because I think its not fun as the other centuries… They have a lot of wind power based as well, so I got this picture below for the windmill..isn’t it so pretty ? I mean I really thanked my parents for brought me up to a lot of different places 🙂 I don’t remember specifically as I have no blog at that time…but I love writing it as part of my online diary, and sharing with anonymous people on the internet.


The most unique building that I went is actually the Atomium in Brussels, the building was built in the 1958ish but it looks soo in right now..well it make sense because the design is called modernism building. It was build during the faith of science became big, and the structure of the building was resembled the form of atom, if you played with Modelo before (miss high school years) you know this kind of structure…

 Anyways that’s a wrap for the whole European trip I guess, I can’t wait for the next Christmas break I’ll try to documented as well as possible…I found this artist Stormae which I think got a lot of amazing artistry, check it out I love the transitions used in Tous Les Mêmes…

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