+lady gaga+

Whoever spent their 2009, and loving Lady Gaga, you’re going to be my BFF !!! I mean, I personally think that going through phases in life its definitely like writing your own book. I love that Lady Gaga is really pulled off the Avant Garde fashion that I actually really love, well if you asking me why, simply because of the detail, the experiments, and the expression through the pieces its just different. When I was young I listened a lot to Lady Gaga, Just Dance is one of the track that the people used to have it on every single party, its featuring artists like Colby O’Donis, and Akon. If you know this song on your 12 years of age, then you must realised how was it like to feel cool knowing Lady Gaga.

I feel like her videos for Bad Romance, Papparazi, Telephone was really making the sense of death become beautiful on the music video. I mean there are even some rumours that she is a monster or associated with similar acts. But her fashion was incredible, not to say that her style is not nice right now..but to me everyone is growing up so it make sense.

Lady Gaga is literally someone that’s make the full definitions of living gallery or walking gallery. I used to be one of the girl that used to be very concerned about the way I look the way I act or even the things that I love..By the way I have an interesting stories for me to share, apparently I submitted my assignment to 1 link, and theres actually 2 links to submit the document..yup the same exact document. I was so panicked so I emailed the course coordinator, my tutor, my other lecturer..and my lecturer said should be fine, my other tutor its okay…and my course coordinator actually doesn’t really know what’s actually going on, and said I should ask my tutor regarding that…anyways long story short I should be finee (hopefully and pray really hard).

Anywayss I personally think that sometimes your style is changing as you’re aging, but I don’t think its actually a bad thing to start with. To begin with her style is not bad, but its not crazy as it used to, its almost looking at a diary, and we growing up, and letting some things go, and adapting to a new things in life. Although I miss the video like Born This Way on the music community. Actually I really love the way she experimented the props, items used in the music video, I think people are actually have different opinion regarding the definitions of what’s the art of music video, and only being a crazy fan girl, or fan boy. So I think its very hard for the current artist to more experimental towards the art itself, which I think its a bit sad 🙂

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