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IMG_9519.PNGSo after having my own blog, actually it comes to a realisation that’s actually this web/blog is actually my diary, I often tell you guys what I felt about certain things that happened on a certain day. I watched football because I younger brother is actually a fan of it, and we always share the television, because that’s the rules from our parents, that sharing is caring. I remember that the Liverpool shirt was actually my shirt, and I got it around 2012-ish basically one of Liverpool last kits with Adidas, I remember whenever I tuned in the TV it will has Gerrard is all in. For some reason after hearing that girl can’t really wear the sport shirt I gave it to my brother, at that time they have a label customisation where you can put your own name, I remembered that day I went to the shopping centre with my grandma, and my parents were at Jakarta. My brother decided to put on his name on the shirt and I literally crying because he refused to put the name of Steven Gerrard. But after all this year, it turns out that I’m always be a fan of Steven Gerrard.

This year my love for football is reuniting, if someone said “we’re never ever getting back together” than everyone is wrong. I feel like the younger generations are now being for relatable to the fans, and there are more people from different backgrounds ; other sport mans, stylists, musicians  are actually more involve around with each other. But its more than that, I realised that there are more depth than just a fangirl, but its the unity of different people with different cultural background, religion and more. I remember that I also used to be a fan of Mesut Özil and I really felt sorry for what actually happened to him, I linked Mesut Özil spit up of bars back in 2010s, I feel like its very interesting to see what’s football players are doing outside the pitch 🙂

I never thought this but actually in the midst of everything could be I learned a lot through sports, and music that at the end of the day without supports coming from other people we’re nothing. What the Migration Museum from the UK is actually very powerful message, if there is no immigration they even will not have Harry Kane for the England national team. That’s why I’m really in love with the France, and England national football team because they proofing that no matter what your skin colour is, at the end of the day we’re one, and we’re all human 🙂

I actually feels like events involving sports, musics are one of the getaway to speak for other people that actually the world are united in music sports, no matter what’s the colour of the skin, cultural background, and religions. Again I really admire people when they really brave speaking about it, like Riz Ahmed, or Mesut Özil as well. There is no such thing as labelling people because I don’t think its really humane, or even polite for labelling someone else, I don’t know if it part of racism but an old Australian handyman who fixing my apartment’s wall asking why an Asian girl is having a Western name..Will now a name can be another label in this world ???

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