Hii guys so I went to G Dragon’s concerts last 2017, back then I don’t have any blog where I can share my experience. If you lived in Melbourne you guys must know the Margaret Court Arena, and if you’re a tennis fans, then you must know its its one of arena to held the Australian Open.

I linked on what’s actually I recorded through my phones, its a bit unclear but I bought the standing tickets one. To be honest I went there with 3 other girls who are G Dragon’s number one fans. Over all it was a different kind of feelings because actually its my first time going to a concert that’s the artists its not performing English language songs. Actually the whole arena was so full, but there is a rumour that the tickets was dropped last minute (the price), saddest thing was that I wasn’t able to purchase any one of the merch. 😦 😦  But although it was a sad moment I was happy because I was part of G Dragon’s concert before his mandatory military service, being newly known to kpop world actually its fascinating on how devoted the fans are.

There are some good shots that I was able to captured through the whole concerts, but there are some stuffs that’s a bit unclear, overall I could say that if you’re a vertically challenged like me, I recommended you for not having a standing concert unless you want to queue since in the morning, for the record go with your close friend too, I was separated with the other 3 girls, but thank goodness that I’m able to find them at last. My favourite songs were Black ft Sky Ferreira, he also performed Crooked which my all time favourite. Rather than the whole 2 hours concerts, I recorded my most favourite moments, but yeahhh definitely looking forward for his comeback 🙂 ❤

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