+Divide Tour+

So one of the highlights for me this year was actually going to Ed Sheeran concerts with my brother I don’t usually going to a concerts with my brother, but this time around we have similarity with artist, Ed Sheeran. I think Ed Sheeran is one of the most romantic singer that I listening too, he also having a different sounds through out his musical sounds, like R&B, pop, and sometimes he also raps his own lyrics, which I think its very interesting.

Actually rather than having the whole 2 hrs concerts, I did the snipets most likely similar to the G Dragon concerts here, this time actually I was sitting far away from the stage so actually you can’t see what’s actually happening really clear because the camera from my phones are not really allowing to capture the LED lights. Tip for concert’s sitting is that, if the seats are actually way to far, I think you need to re think if you want to go or not, unless you’re desperate and its the only artist that you want to see. Because to me I love recording the places that I’ve been to, and more. But I do love the concerts, he performed my favourite songs like Photograph, and I See Fire. Guys if you love the Lord of The Rings movie, actually he provided the soundtrack I See Fire.

Not to forget he also performed the hit single Shape of You, and the oldies like Lego House, A Team (if I’m not mistaken). To be honest one of the most memorable songs from Ed is actually Lego House, back then I love watching Music TV, where I could see the music videos. But again I personally think that everything with your siblings are actually so memorable, because we have different music preference, so its actually hard to go a music shows together…

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