+Italy’s Diary+

So the most memorable things from my last visit to Italy was for a holiday, and my birthday, yess I have my birthday during my visit to Venice. I would like to thanked my parents once again for allowing me to travel along with them. Before going to Venice actually I was able to see Milan for a bit, and the building was super cool I could say. I went to Milan Cathedral, and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest active shopping mall over there, I love Gothic building so it was very fascinating for me to see what they look like, I mean there are some gothic buildings too in Melbourne, but the feels its very different, when you go to somewhere else that has older building than the one in your area.

We actually pass though Lake Como, I could tell from a far that its a very beautiful lake, I have a crazy little dreams, I mean because I was having my last day as a teenager back in Venice, I would like to have my wedding day :), I know its a bit absurd but I personally think that having my wedding day, in private in Italy will be the perfect getaway for my last day for being my parent’s only daughter right ? besides I would like to have my wedding matrimony in one of the oldest cathedral, I’ve been a fan of its architecture design since I was a kid, and all I could say actually they give me some peace moments, other than its design.

I hope you guys are actually able to spot the Rialto Bridge that I took, it was very gloomy on that day, and its my birthday, I have a #venicebirthdaybash actually its very embarrassing because everyone asking how old I am, but being 20 over there wasn’t bad at all, but my dad keep asking the guy who directed the gondola to sing happy birthday (appreciate it dad, but no thanks), anyways we almost late and left by the group because we went on shopping, my mum is a very stylish lady, hahahaha I could say this because she loves everything that’s lady like, yup she bought her other Chanel’s Kelly style back in Venice, the back was beautiful. But last but not least, although I was able to see the Pissa tower, but you guess it right, my favourite moment is when I got to visit the Vatican. I was able to visit St Peter Basillica, where I though the building was just beyond incredible.  I was able to see the Christmas decorations before they took them off, soo over all I love my trip.

Bonus Photos from archives 🙂 


Music link ;

Growing up I listen to a lot Italian Operatic songs from Andrea Bocelli, that actually I’m really fond off as well, I found it very relaxing when I’m on the road (?) its reminds me of home, if that make sense 🙂 I mean because Andrea Bocelli also working with David Foster which my parents are fans of the Canadian Pianist too.

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