+france’s throwback+

So I was able to visit France last time, actually because we’re on tour I was not able to spent time for the things that I wanted so bad. However I got to have an experience to visit France, and I’m pretty happy for that. I would love to visit France one day, but I would love to see more about the country side, and I would love to go to Pigalle basketball court. And actually there was a lot of shopping las time when I visit France, it was fun but…the weather was so gloomy when I got there, and since we were on a tour its a bit hard to see more of the sights of Paris as well. Just to let you know guys I was only in 1 city, so its a bit sad I was also loving the macaroons because I love dessert.

IMG_E9446I was also saw the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame, it was good because my parents are actually allowing me and my brother to go around and see the whole world. I mean I love fashion so much, but to be honest I was still have no idea on packing it appropriately. But I’m very sure that one day I will be back with a nicer outfit to go to :), more fashionable I would say. I was able to see a bit of Grand Palais, but was not able to see it as a whole building, and Versaille château, and definitely Cannes, I mean I love the festival for film industry as well. And I know I went to Paris last year, but France won the World Cup this year, so it was a special moment for me 🙂 and actually my parents also gave me a Rolex Yacht Master, that the previous owner was actually bought it in Paris back in 2007 OMGGG I know we are meant to be. And if you watching Gossip Girl, you know that Blair Waldorf’s favourite macaroon is Piere Herme right ? soo yeah I tried the sweet dessert and actually it was sooooo good, to the point I really love it. Actually I food sweets, so macaroon is the perfect treat for me 🙂


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