So guys the PAQ Series is finally out, and remember when Dele went to the pop up store few weeks ago ? the episode is finally out, and maybe he is not the judge, but before hand I actually have following the series for sometimes a while, its about street style, and more. I love the challenges from the series as well, the members are consists of Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Dexter, Elias Riadi, and Danny Loomas (on the pic left to right).  Dexter himself is actually also making some music up that I will linked below, and I linked up the videos for PAQ series below as well 🙂

ditch the label 

The show literally showing people the street style people of London, which I actually they are having they own style rather than adapting to the American street style that I also love. One of the episode was making a grime style, and in this case actually Dexter is making some grime music too. So please check it out, and show them some supports too 🙂

Basically they bring up the current style in London, or in general, and they actually also testing some their own creativities, for example customising vans, and looking for vintage items, and showing that you don’t have to get something new or expensive to look cool. They also collaborating with Spotify on remaking their own inspired album cover, which I think it was super funny, more or less you guys should check it out either you are a fan of sneakers, street style or music people. I really love most of their weekly episodes and I think I have linked all of my favourite episodes from them, but let me know what do you think about them. And let me know if you have check out the channel too.

customise challenge 

sport x fashion 


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