I remember that the song girl friend was huge, and it’s the jam that I always love. Both the original and the remix are cool, then I was so into Smile, it’s one of the song that really give me a thought being an IDGAF girl. After that I don’t know I love some of her songs, but suddenly she’s not making music anymore, it turned out that she got Lyme Disease, but now she’s back with the song Head Above Water

To be honest the song is reminds me of Hillsong’s type of song, like Oceans, the son by Lavigne herself is showing her relationship with God, on how she just let God himself that will help her, and she’s surrendered to Him. I really love the song because it’s very emotional, I can’t imagine myself going through what she’s been through. Over the years the song is also showing Avril’s maturity as an artist, I grew up listening to Avril’s song, and I’m very glad that she’s back now ❤️

I mean I could not wait for the whole album to come out, and see what’s Avril is actually trying for the latest music. There are times where actually I thought I miss the old songs of pop rock, or Western music in general because K Pop artist are killing it with the whole next level music video, which I also love but actually I’m in love with English songs because I could understand better, and I feel like K Pop now are way more too generic, it’s like everyone looks like Bigbang or 2NE1, but they add they own “flavour” but yeah I feel like Avril is back with one of the best song just yet.

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