+Congratzzzz NAOMI OSAKA+


serena-williams-naomi-osaka-090818-getty-ftr_15lzc5dp7xfzi13fm4tpfss399.jpgNaomi Osaka won the US Open against Serena Williams, for the US OPEN 2018, Naomi is the first Japanese tennis player from both sides female, and male to win the grand slam title. Nonetheless congratulations for both ladies who are equally incredible during the match. I love both Serena, and Naomi I think they are both amazing girls who are brave to compete at such a high level. Regarding about the controversy on what happened with Serena Williams, its not my position to comment on that, but definitely she has the right to speak with the umpire, because Serena stated “I’ve seen other men call other umpires several things. I’m here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality and for all kinds of stuff,” on the interview.

On the other hand I really love that Naomi really love Serena, and really respected her as a fan, and as professional tennis player. On her interview

Like, when I step onto the court, I feel like a different person, right? I’m not a Serena fan. I’m just a tennis player playing another tennis player. But then when I hugged her at the net… [Osaka went quite, holding back her tears] Anyway, when I hugged her at the net, I felt like a little kid again.” – Naomi Osaka 

So I’m really appreciate on what Naomi Osaka did for Serena, and Naomi also a fan of Drake’s God’s Plan, and I have song for her actually Hall of Fame. Once again congratulations to Naomi Osaka and the team, it felt so incredible as well as Japan is always be a special place for my heart too. As for Nishikori, its a sad thing that he did not able to get the final, but I personally think he did well on the match against Novak Djokovic.

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